Adarian Money

Adarian Money 4.1

The complete personal finance program for your Palm

The complete personal finance program for your Palm and PC. If you're an experienced user and you have tried out many different money programs, Adarian Money will open your eyes. If you're new to financial software, you'll find it's so easy to use that you can be more productive the minute you installed it. No guessing around, no frustrations, no surprises; it's so smooth!

Key features include:

  • Keep a log of all your transactions;
  • Get to know your account balances;
  • Set up budget plans and analyze where the money went;
  • Be reminded for upcoming monthly bills;
  • Avoid being charged for overdrafts or over credit-limits;
  • Calculate mortgages or loans.

The trial version also includes the Windows program needed for synchronizing data between yourt home computer and your Palm PDA.

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Adarian Money


Adarian Money 4.1

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